Women from Norway, The United States and Mexico have set up a small-scale sewing studio in a safe part of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, where local women coming from vulnerable and marginalized areas in Cd Juárez produce handmade one-of-a-kind garments. The garments comes with a storytag and a protest badge and can be worn as a protest against the abuse of women worldwide.

Our name, NI EN MORE, derives from Spanish, Norwegian and English and means ”Not one more”. The slogan originates from Juárez, created by the poet and activist Susana Chavez Castillo in 1998 to protest the murders of women in the city. In 2011 she became one of the victims.

For decades women have systematically disappeared from Cd. Juarez, Mexico and hundreds have been found murdered at the outskirts of the city. Reasons varying from women being used as rewards for drug cartels, domestic violence and sexual violence tourism. Although the victims come from all levels of society, the majority are poor, living in areas of the city that expand into the desert without infrastructure. 

We want to raise awareness to the challenges faced in Juárez and connect communities across borders in the fight against the systematic abuse against women. Besides maintaining a sustainable business, our team will educate and teach craftsmanship skills like needlework and design. We will foster leadership and confidence and hope to inspire other businesses to follow. We believe if you empower women in one local community, it inspires possibilities for change and growth which will spread to other fragile communities.

All profits will be reinvested in the sewing studio and the workers' communities.

Buying NI EN MORE’s unique work will make a marked difference in many lives, especially the women and their families.



Please join our initiative by supporting the NI EN MORE project.


Mixed images / Credit: NI EN MORE /Lise Linnert, Harald Paalgaard, Erick Garcia