MATERIAL:  Cotton embroidery thread on black cotton fabric, each badge unique and numbered

Norway:  399 NOK (VAT/TAX included) 

International customers: 40 USD (ex-VAT/TAX)  

*Shipping cost will be added on the price. 

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*Please note that  we whip worldwide, and additional costs will occur based on your country’s tax/VAT percentage.

There is only one

Our garments come with a protest badge, unique and handmade in workshops by the people attending. The workshops are arranged to provide a platform to protest and raise awareness of the situation for women in Cd Juarez and worldwide and discuss actions to empower women, an important step to end gender violence.  

You can also buy our badges independently and by that engage in NI EN MOREs story and the shared fight to end violence towards women all over the world.

PLEASE NOTE that the badge you send a request for, is not the badge you necessarily will receive, but we will try to find one in the same color range. 

Read more:

 “Break the silence. When you witness violence against women and girls, do not sit back. Act. “ Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary- General United Nations.  

 ** Please note that there will be an approximately 2 week production time for the badge due to the time-consuming process of making them. More information when you send us a "request to buy." 


Fill inn the form below and we will check the availability. 

If you have an idea of what color range you want your protest badge to be, please explain it to us.

We will send you an invoice. Norwegian customers, you can also pay with VIPPS, information will be in the invoice. For international customers, we suggest to pay through PayPal, information in invoice. If you prefer to use bank wire,  please let us know in the message box. 

* images are only there to illustrate how they look. The colors depends on the person making them. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Return policy will be sent by email. The return policy is following the Norwegian consumer law.